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Liberal MSNBC Loses Liberal WaPo

2013 December 23
by LotM Editor

You know your network’s liberal propaganda efforts are falling short when even the Washington Post finds the lineup overly filled with “volunteer lefty blather:” (Hat-tip: Truth Revolt)

Choose your explanation as to why MSNBC doesn’t seed more of its coverage with such reporting and scale back the volunteer lefty blather:

1) Volunteer lefty blather is cheap;

2) Volunteer lefty blather appeals to the base;

3) Volunteer lefty blather is cheap and appeals to the base;

4) Serious reporters don’t engage in cheap and indulgent lefty blather;

5) Serious reporters deliver too little differentiation with arch-competitor CNN.

Here’s some of what he saw specifically on the day he watched:

Maybe Jansing just isn’t an interruption-prone anchor. But don’t tell that to Joe Watkins, a Republican strategist who also appeared on Jansing’s show that day. The topic was gun violence, pegged to the then-imminent one-year anniversary of the Newtown massacre. Jansing opened the discussion by introducing Watkins and Mark Hannah, a Democratic analyst type.

First question went to Hannah: Were Democrats outmaneuvered over the past year by the gun lobby? Hannah offered … nearly a minute of explication, uninterrupted.

The baton then went to Watkins, who started his remarks at 10:32:39. “Nobody wants to have happen what happened in Newtown ever again, or in Colorado or anyplace where there’s been some kind of a mass shooting — Washington, D.C….,” started Watkins, almost as a throat-clearing exercise.

The ellipses are included in the quote above because Watkins was just getting started. But no: Jansing stopped him at 10:32:47, when Watkins wasn’t even 10 seconds into his opening salvo. Jansing big-footed: “You say that, but nothing’s done to change. Can I just show you some numbers…”

Sure you can, you’re the host — it’s your job to cut off the Republican guy!

Our own collection of awful quotes from MSNBC hosts and guests truly only scratches the surface.