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The former Democratic Congressman for Florida’s 8th District (2009-2011), Alan Grayson quickly made a name for himself as a leftist folk hero by spewing the most venomous, wildly inaccurate nonsense at every opportunity. This made him a perennial guest on liberal MSNBC. Grayson has announced his intention to run for Congress again. He was defeated by Republican Daniel Webster.

Alan Grayson

“[T]here is sort of a race between his egomania and his racism. I think [Newt Gingrich’s] running the most overtly racist campaign that I’ve seen in this country since George Wallace, if you are talking about presidential campaigns.

So I think what he tries to do is to do these dog whistle things to people who he thinks he can connect with, to make up for his shortcomings, frankly, as a human being.”

Alan Grayson 2

“[F]or Paul Ryan or any Republican to talk about this, to talk about the president inciting the politics of division is much like O.J. saying he’s going to devote his life to finding the real killer.

They’re the real killers.”

Alan Grayson

“I suspect that President Bush might have been passed out drunk the last three or four days, so I‘m not sure he made any conscious decision at all.”