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Chuck Schumer, humorously referred to as Chuck “U” Schumer by Rush Limbaugh, is the senior Senator from New York. Schumer believes laws do not apply to him, evidence by the incident where he called a flight attendant a bitch for telling him to turn off his cell phone during take-off, or his use of armed private security while being an outspoken opponent of gun ownership.

Chuck Schumer 3

“I argued against [the nuclear option] at the time. I said both for Supreme Court and in Cabinet should be 60 because on such important positions there should be some degree of bipartisanship. I won on Supreme Court, lost on Cabinet. But it’s what we have to live with now. Wish it hadn’t happened.”

Chuck Schumer 2

“At the end of last year, there were 5 million people receiving emergency UI [unemployment insurance]. This year, there are only 2 million. It’s working.

We’re all talking about a stimulus. How do we get the economy moving? This is the best stimulus there is.”

Chuck Schumer 2

“Republicans came in and said, ‘We can solve your problem by shrinking government.’

We tried their theory. The American people resent government paralysis, but most of them would say that government is doing too little to help them, not too much.”

Chuck Schumer

“Do Republicans really oppose a tax cut for businesses that created jobs? This is sort of beyond the pale. If they oppose even something so suited to their tastes ideologically, it shows that they’re just opposing anything that helps create jobs. It almost makes you wonder if they aren’t trying to slow down the economic recovery for political gain.”