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Donald Trump is a businessman perhaps best known for his iconic hair, which looks like a dead squirrel decomposed on his head. He’s also the host of awful television shows The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. The universal health care loving, free trade hating, Democrat funding conspiracy theorist fashions himself a Republican these days.

Donald Trump 6

“I know her very well. I know her husband very well. I like them both and they’re just really terrific people. I like them both very much, but I think you’ll be looking at the record of Hillary Clinton and how did she do as secretary of state–probably above and beyond everybody else and everything else.”

Donald Trump 4

“Hillary Clinton I think is a terrific woman. I am biased because I have known her for years. I live in New York. She lives in New York. I really like her and her husband both a lot. I think she really works hard. I think she really works hard and I think she does a good job. I like her.”

Donald Trump 2

TRUMP: “Twenty-five percent tax on China, unless they behave.

BILL O’REILLY: “You’re threatening China with a trade war. Twenty-five percent tariff. That’s big.”

TRUMP: “No, they’re threatening us. They’re going to make a three hundred billion dollar – let’s call it profit – this year on the United States.”

Donald Trump

“I’d love to have a trade war with China.

…If we did no business with China, frankly, we will save a lot of money.”

Donald Trump

“We must have universal health care.

…Our objective [should be] to make reforms for the moment and, longer term, to find an equivalent of the single-payer plan that is affordable, well-administered, and provides freedom of choice. “