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Ed Markey is a Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts, and member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Ed Markey

“[Republicans] brought to the House Floor a bill to repeal the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases. Then yesterday, they passed a resolution to repeal the FCC’s ability to ensure the openness of the Internet.

So as time ticked down Friday afternoon, Republicans in Congress were trying to shut down the Internet and the federal government – simultaneously.

They didn’t shut down the government, and we’re all going to make sure they don’t shut down the Internet either!”

Ed Markey

“Republican attacks against the authority of both the EPA and the FCC are designed to make both the polluters and the broadband barons the big winners at the expense of our environment, our health, our economy and American consumers.

In other words, House Republicans are passing legislation to destroy the world wide web. And they’re also pushing through a bill to help destroy the whole wide world.”