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John Leguizamo

“What’s wrong with big government? I’ve never had a problem with big government. I’ve felt our country’s always done best during Eisenhower, FDR, when we had we had big government … We’re not in a fascist state, so what’s the problem with big government? It’s not a problem. It makes things better.

I think with the taxing the rich now that’s finally happening now which we need to do – I mean, back in the 50′s and 60′s, if you made money you paid like 70 percent in taxes or even higher than that, and that’s when we started booming and creating a middle class.

I think that’s what you got to do is, you’ve got to tax people. I mean I make a lot of money, and I’m now in a 49 percent tax bracket. It’s painful, but it’s what you’ve got to, we’ve all got to chip in.”