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“Do you want to be known like the Israeli’s eating babies? You know, they’re killing kids left and right, they’re murdering them.

…To tell you the truth, I have no problem dismembering anybody. I have no problem.

…But, you know something, I want to change. I’m sick of this.”

Occupy Oakland Protester

Chanting: “This is why we call you pigs!”


“I think that the Zionist Jews that are running these big banks and the Federal reserve, which is not run by the federal government, need to be run out of this country.”


“You’re a bum, Jew!

…You got the money, that’s why you’re fighting, Jewish man.”


“One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution.

Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody.

India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty.

So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.

Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”


“I wipe my ass with the flag every night when I take a shit, man.

…Bring your mom, I’d like to f*ck her.

Bring your Republican mama I’d like to f*ck her in the ass.”


White Protester: “C’mon brother, show your face! Show your face, brother!  Be a proud black man.”

Crowd Chanting: “Show your face! Show your face!”

Another White Protester: “There he is! There’s the one black guy! The token black man!”

Black Protester: “You’re a token! You are a house black! You’re the kind that says when massa say sing, you say ‘we sing massa!'”


Questioner: “After we impeach Clarence Thomas, what do we do with him? Let’s keep it real.”

Protester: “Put him back in the fields. He’s a scumbag.”

Questioner: “Yeah.”

Protester: “He’s a dumb-shit scumbag. Put him back in the fields.”

Questioner: “And what about [Justice] Alito?”

Protester: “Alito should go back to Sicily.”