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“Is there potentially a silver lining in all of this [on missing Flight 370], that there will be a worldwide cause of action to clean up the oceans and for there to be less polluting, greater fines, more regulation?”


“I‘m having some doubts about the heroic efforts of Rupert Murdoch‘s wife to thwart the pie thrower. Now, think about it, the whole hearing concerned media manipulation. Parliamentarians were gathered to learn what the Murdochs knew about the hacking and when they knew it. And the testimony didn‘t go so well. Both Rupert and James Murdoch, they apologized repeatedly but steadfastly refused it take the blame. But the story making the most news, it‘s the pie and the woman who stopped its delivery.

…So, now, the attention is all on the pie and especially on Murdoch‘s half his age wife Wendi Deng. I‘m calling it pie-gate. I‘m wondering what did Wendi Deng know and when did she know it.”