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Chris Matthews 4

“The gun people, they think about nothing else. And they never change their minds, never change their attitudes and never change the frickin’ subject. How do you keep an interest among normal people that keeps up with that intense, almost, well, obsession that the gun people have?

…[D]o you think there might be a soupcon of ethnic gaming in this, the pictures they put in there? Obama and Bloomberg? Maybe a soupcon, a little spoonful of throwing in the ethnic part? It might just turn off people in West Virginia. I mean, I’m just thinking what game they’re playing there?”

Dianne Feinstein

“The NRA is venal. They come after you, they put together large amounts of money to defeat you.”

Joe Klein

“I think that the NRA still has a stranglehold on a lot of Democrats as well as, as well as Republicans. So it’s going to be hard. But the President can use the extremism of the NRA – who are acting like a bunch of crazies these days – to help sell the rest of his agenda.”

Hank Johnson

“First of all, [the NRA has a personal dislike of the President because] he is a black. And as a black person being the president of the United States, that is something they still cannot get over.”

Piers Morgan 2

“This is your moment, America: The #NRA has 4 million members, your population is 311 million. Don’t stand for this murderous crap any more.”

Jerrold Nadler

“[W]e have a lobby, the leadership of the NRA, who function as enablers of mass murder. And that’s what they are. They’re enablers of mass murder, because they terrify the class of political people.”


Michael Moore 3

“The NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your children to school & expect them to come home alive.”