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The Worst Quotes of Helen Thomas

2013 July 20
by LotM Editor

We don’t believe in dancing on anyone’s grave, but with the coverage of Helen Thomas’ passing sure to be incredibly one-sided, it’s important that the truth be told. The long-time journalist’s history of outrageous and anti-Semitic statements shouldn’t be glossed over due to a predictable effort to lionize her by her colleagues in the liberal media.

Here are some examples of the worst of the worst from Helen Thomas:

  • Thomas had a history of attacking conservative with cliche liberal emotionalism. She accused Reagan of leaving “an uncaring society” and “a government that was not as concerned.” She declared George W. Bush to be “the worst president in all of American history,” and fretted that the Roberts Supreme Court is “more conservative than it has been in decades,” as well as “meaner.”
  • Thomas was reported to once proclaim “Thank God for Hezbollah,” a terrorist organization. Not surprisingly, they in turn later praised Thomas for apparently agreeing with them that “Israel is a racist state of murderers and thugs.”
  • She was ousted from her job for being caught on camera telling Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and to “go home” to Germany and Poland. But it was neither the first nor the last time Thomas expressed such odious and historically inaccurate views on Israel. She once likened Palestinian terrorists to those who resisted Nazi occupation, and after losing her position, doubled down on Jew hate by claiming that the US is “owned by the propagandists against the Arabs,” and also saying that Israeli’s want to “come and take [Palestinian] homes and land and water and kill their children.”

Did we miss any?