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Ed Schultz 3

“Overall, Republican policies are targeted to hurt minority Americans. Paul Ryan’s budget hurts. Their actions hurt.

…I do believe that the conservatives in this country continue to fuel racism by their policies that attack minorities in this country and try to keep the working folk down. It emboldens people who are in power to say what they say with absolutely no responsibility whatsoever. Kids are watching. They’re listening. What kind of example are we setting?”

Chris Matthews 4

“You’ve heard the news from North Korea, how the young head of that country just executed his guardian uncle, Well, back here in America, the right wing is acting if not as brutally, certainly as crazily.

It’s hard to tell who’s calling the shots in this crowd. Radio man Mark Levin denounced today Speaker John Boehner as utterly feckless — that means weak — for backing that little budget deal and trying to avoid another government shutdown.

Glenn Beck condemns the Republican speaker as not just a liberal, but get this, he’s calling him a progressive. Oh, my God. Acting like a king of the crazies, Beck then says Ted Cruz is being a good right-wing boy in opposing the budget deal in the Senate — and I can’t believe the way he says this — because, quote, “he did what we told him to” — “We,” Glenn Beck and company.

So now the cat’s out of the bag. The people calling the shots are the loudest, angriest, nastiest voices in the right-wing media. The people marching to their tune, always  marching away from any deal with the president, are the Cruzes, the Rand Pauls, and of course, the Mike Lees.”

Chris Hayes 4

“Washington is broken because the Tea Party broke it. They broke it on purpose. They broke the normal budgetary process, replaced it with government recurring crisis, all so they can use control of one-half of one branch of government to impose economic suffocation on the country as a whole.”

Harry Reid 2

“My friend [Ted Cruz] from Texas is like the schoolyard bully. He pushes everybody around and is losing, and instead of playing the game according to the rules, he not only takes the ball home with him but changes the rules. That way, no one wins–except the bully who tries to indicate to people that he has won.”

Ed Schultz

“It’s easy to say we gotta cut. We gotta cut! Let’s just cut! Cut more! Hell, let’s just cut everything! It’s easy to do that. But when you start affecting jobs and you start affecting people’s lives and you start affecting what people want, the people have to matter, OK? I mean, we have, we have to matter and the political element to all of this is, they want Obama to fail. Now you’ve got a budget of three and a half trillion dollars in this fiscal year. This will take $85 billion out of it. That’s damn near a third.”

Chris Matthews 2

“You sit next to this guy [Paul Ryan] with a totally different philosophy. What does he say when you whisper to him, when he comes out with his budget that basically gives a great break to the richest people in the country, and really screws the people who desperately need Medicare and programs like that?

What do you ask him? How can you do this? How can you reward rich people who already have all these breaks in this country? And hurt the people that have no breaks? What does he say? What’s his answer?

…He’s screwing the people he doesn’t expect to vote for him. The people he doesn’t expect to vote for him, he’s screwing.”

Dana Milbank

“Let’s call [Rand Paul] cynical because of the monstrous proposal the Kentucky Republican offered on the Senate floor Wednesday.

It is, all in all, quite a nasty piece of work…”

Maxine Waters 2

“There’s been a lot of discussion about the Ryan budget and what they have to do to deny contraception to women. But it’s more than that. It goes to many places in this budget, whether you’re talking about child care, Head Start, food stamps — you will see that there is definitely a war on women.

…The polls are showing that women coming to the forefront, that they are speaking up, that they are creating a platform. They now understand who the enemy is and why they can’t get the kind up of support that women deserve in all of these areas.”