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Hillary Clinton 5

“We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

Harvey Weinstein

“[T]his is the only the country in the world where we don’t have healthcare. Countries embarrass us around the world. And this is the only country in the world, we don’t have gun law. I watched you, you know, talked about that.

You know, quite frankly it’s embarrassing. Obama was not embarrassing. The country is embarrassing.”

Joy-Ann Reid

“There is a sort of Neo-Confederate thread that runs through these sort of pro-gun movements and the NRA movement.”

Nancy Pelosi

“In Congress, there can be no more fitting memorial to the lives lost in Aurora, in Newtown, and across the country than a concerted effort to enact commonsense gun safety legislation.

We must uphold our oath to ‘protect and defend’ the constitution and all Americans by expanding background checks and keeping dangerous firearms out of the wrong hands.”

Chris Matthews 4

“The gun people, they think about nothing else. And they never change their minds, never change their attitudes and never change the frickin’ subject. How do you keep an interest among normal people that keeps up with that intense, almost, well, obsession that the gun people have?

…[D]o you think there might be a soupcon of ethnic gaming in this, the pictures they put in there? Obama and Bloomberg? Maybe a soupcon, a little spoonful of throwing in the ethnic part? It might just turn off people in West Virginia. I mean, I’m just thinking what game they’re playing there?”

Piers Morgan 2

“But what is also true is the likes of Alex Jones, the guy that has screamed abuse at me when he came on the show, a lot of these more extreme gun rights lobbyists, and I would actually put Wayne LaPierre from NRA in that category. They are whipping up the rhetoric to such an extreme level – ‘Obama is going to grab your guns, defend yourselves, arm yourselves,’ record gun sales after Sandy Hook and so on – is it surprising that you’re getting some people now flipping and doing this kind of thing [sending ricin-laced letters to Obama and Bloomberg]? Doesn’t surprise me.”

Jay Mohr

“What bothers me most about today is that we’re getting used 2 it. ENOUGH. 2nd amendment must go. Violence has 2 stop. Culture MUST change.

…The 2nd Amendment lends itself to the CULTURE of violence we are living in. Stop blowing up my timeline w your gun/porn fetishes.

…Newtown tragedy was gun violence. Where are u maniacs coming from. I’m just stating that its so sad we’re getting used to watching it on tv

…No politics here at all. Just sick of watching bloodshed on tv. It’s become reality tv and we’re becoming numb.Amazed at pro gun response”
Dianne Feinstein

“Our support [for assault weapons ban] is very broad…I think we’ve got all the police, we have all the mayors virtually – the conference of mayors, mayors against guns. We have medical experts, we have virtually dozens of religious organizations of every creed supporting us. We have just lists and lists.